Range Rules

The NRA Fundamental Rules of Firearm Safety

  1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

General Rules

  1. Must have membership card while on the property and display when asked
  2. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited on the property
    1. Operating firearms while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited and punishable by expulsion from the Club.
  3. Range hours are 8:00 AM to 30 minutes before sunset (must be considerate of neighbors)
  4. Organized shooting events MUST BE APPROVED by Club Board prior to event
  5. Renting the building DOES NOT include use of the range
  6. If Club/Range rule violations are observed
    1. Attempt to correct/educate the offender
    2. If there are continued violations, contact a club officer with specific details

– Including violation, time, date, license plate, violator identification

    1. Continued violation of these Range Rules can lead to removal from the Club

Range Etiquette

  1. Firing Line
    1. Firing line is defined as a line parallel to the berm even with the farthest forward shooter.
    2. All shooters SHALL observe a common firing line.
    3. The firing line distance from the berm must be changed by consent of all shooters.
  2. Cease Fire
    1. Anyone can call “Cease Fire” at any time.
    2. Absolutely NO handling of firearms during a Cease Fire.
    3. All firearms are unloaded and their actions locked open / properly cased / holstered during a Cease Fire.
    4. All muzzles are pointed downrange during the Cease Fire, if not properly cased / holstered.
    5. When a new shooter arrives at range, common courtesy dictates a Cease Fire be called while the new shooter sets up (eye, hearing protection, targets set)
    6. A Cease Fire SHALL be called any time when any person moves forward of the firing line.
    7. A Cease Fire SHALL be called any time when any person displays unsafe gun handling.
  3. Hot Range
    1. Before calling “Range is Hot”, verify each shooter is prepared and aware by making eye contact and receiving acknowledgment
    2. Ensure your firing position is in a direct line to your target (don’t shoot diagonally across the range)
  4. Guests and Children
    1. Make sure guests and children understand the Range Rules and are supervised during any range visits.
  5. Range cleanliness
    1. Remove all target stands and material when finished and dispose of properly
    2. Clean up firing line of brass or any other debris
    3. Leave the range cleaner than you found it

Specific Range Rules

  1. All firearms must be brought to and from the range in a case or holster (no carrying of loose firearms)
    1. Persons properly licensed to carry a loaded handgun may do so
  2. Centerfire rifle calibers limited to .30 caliber maximum, excluding black powder rifles and deer legal calibers.
  3. Use of a “bump stock” is prohibited.
  4. No full auto firearms, UNLESS liability insurance is in place and approved by the SCC Board of Directors prior to the event.
  5. Place targets at base of the berms (NO targets on top of berm)
  6. Ensure all projectiles impact the berms
  7. Clean up target area during Cease Fire, when finished shooting
  8. Armor piercing, tracer ammunition or explosive ammunition is prohibited
  9. Hearing and eye protection is required while on the firing line
  10. Targets
    1. Mount targets on target frame so as not to damage target frames while shooting
    2. Paper, cardboard, and materials designed as targets are permissible
    3. When throwing clay pigeons, they need to be thrown to remain within the width of the berm
    4. Metal targets
      1. “Pepper poppers”, silhouettes and other hanging metal targets may be used so long as the shooter stays a minimum of 15 yards away for pistol calibers / 100 yards away for centerfire rifle calibers.
      2. Metal targets must be oriented so that all projectile splatter/ricochets are directed down.
      1. Rocks, concrete, stones, railroad ties or any other hard target that may produce an uncontrolled ricochet are prohibited
      2. Barrels are not to be used as targets or target stands
      3. Glass, china, ceramics or any other material that fragments and product hazardous debris are prohibited (clay pigeons are acceptable)
      4. Live targets (trees, animals, etc.) are prohibited.
      5. Explosive targets (i.e. Tannerite, propane bottles etc.) are prohibited.
  11. Shooting Distances
    1. Offhand shooting is permitted within 25 yards of the centerline of the berm.
    2. Supported shooting is required from 25 yards and beyond.
    3. The rifle firing lane will be marked every 25 yards out to 100 yards.
    4. Maximum distance for the range is 100 yards.
  12. No shooting from the clubhouse will be allowed. You must use the designated lane from 25 yards and beyond.

The above stated Rules are in addition to Sand Creek Conservation Club’s General Rules and Club Usage Rules.

By signing, I acknowledge receiving the above information, understand the rules set forth and will follow them. A violation of these rules MAY result in an appearance before the Club Executive Board for a determination of penalty up to & including expulsion from the Conservation Club and if expelled, dues are NOT refundable. I understand that when I use the Sandcreek Conservation Club facilities I do so at my own risk and agree to hold the Sandcreek Conservation Club Officers, Trustees and Club members free and harmless of any liability incurred on said property. All members over 18 years of age should sign this document.

Download .pdf version of the Range Rules by clicking here