Membership Dues Collection

Dues must be paid by the end of February for the current year. Members in arrears as of March 1 will be dropped from the active rolls of the Club 

Per our By-Laws:
Membership is available to anyone regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex or national origin. A family membership plan is for family living in one (1) household. This applies to two (2) adults and minor children. In case of divorce or minor child living in another household, this will still be considered as one (1) household per the minor child.  

Adult children are to obtain their own membership. An active member minor child, upon reaching the age of 18 will be offered an adult membership, even if membership is full. Special circumstances of membership may be considered and voted upon by the Board of Directors. 

 The Club members may approve an honorary lifetime membership for recognition of any individual who has promoted the purpose of the Club over several years. 

 Maximum membership is 175 voting members. 

Online Dues Payment

Membership dues are $30 for a single individual and $40 for a family membership. An additional handling charge of $2 is added to both type memberships. Your membership cards will be mailed to you.

Single Individual Membership

Family Membership